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Creative Ways To Infuse Healthy Fats In your Diet According To Nutritionist Experts.

avocado spread more healthier than margarine

To meet the recommended dietary fats required in a day Kenya’s guideline states a total fat intake between 25- 30% of over total energy intake.

This means these fats are essential in our bodily function including hormone production, boosting immunity, anti-inflammatory, feeling of satiety, etc. According to RDN Lena Areyo, incorporating of these healthy fat when managing different conditions like; high cholesterol, high blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes e.t.c can be the best approach in treatment of these condition through nutrition. An organized diet plan may be of benefit especially for someone who has challenges in meal selection.

Choosing the right fat is key to achieving this.

Here are amazing ideas you can use to include these foods into your diet; –

Use natural nuts and seeds spread on whole grain toasts or crackers instead of margarine or butter spreads. These nuts can be almonds nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, sesame, or tahini.

nut spreads

Instead of snacking cookies, biscuits, or sugared chocolates go for nuts and seeds.

Add nuts and seeds to oatmeal, millet porridge, and yogurt.

Kenyan millet porridge sprinkled with nuts and seeds

Infuse seeds into your baking products e.g. bread with sesame seeds or chia seeds, or if you have to purchase bread baked with seeds and nuts.

wholegrain bread with nuts and seeds

Use either nuts or seeds as the base of your salad dressing in place of dairy

Sprinkle nuts and seeds or olive oil on vegetable salads.

Swap beef for oily fish can be grilled or roasted with salsa salad with ugali.

Ugali, omena and sukuma wiki with avocado
Sample of meal plan 
1 cup of black tea or coffee
3 slices of wholemeal bread infused with sesame seeds.
1 egg
Vegetable salads dressed with olive oil, sesame seeds toppings
1oz of omena stew
1 cup of cooked managu
½ cup of ugali
1/8 of avocado

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